About MoPE

Core Values

The Ministry's Core Values (its operating beliefs, ethics and qualities), that will guide implementation of its mission to attain its vision include the following: Performance Oriented, Accountability, Transparency, Effectiveness Responsibility, Integrity, and Loyalty as follows:

  • Performance Oriented- Will extend and employ competencies that define the skills and support behaviors that employees to contribute effectively to the Ministry's performance, base on transparent, reliable and valid performance management systems.

  • Accountability- Will utilize policy, legal and ethical standards to underscore the importance of holding individuals accountable in the use of public services and resources

  • Transparency- Will provide services in a candid and impartial manner

  • Effectiveness - Will create linkages between employees and senior management performance to effectively contribute to the Ministry's success

  • Responsibility- Will take responsibility for its own successes and failures for being accountable to the Government and the public

  • Integrity- Will always be honest, ethical and objective in all of its deliberations, action and decisions

  • Loyalty- Will be committed and devoted to the Ministry and Government of The Gambia

Our Mission

To ensure maximum benefit from the country's hydrocarbon resources through an acceptable efficient, safe and enviromentally friendly manner that will enhance and contribute to the growth of our national wealth.

Our Plan

  • Enhance Petroleum Resource governance by instituting laws, regulations and rules and adhere to them;
  • Promote and heighten transparency in the management of Petroleum resources;
  • Build and reinforce institutional capacity to achieve better negotiation terms during with engagement with International Oil Companies; and
  • Integrate natural resources sector into the local economy

Our Vision

To be performance-driven Ministry that would ensure that the Gambia's Petroleum sector contributes to the sustainable development of the country.

Our Team

Hon. Fafa Sanyang

Hon. Fafa Sanyang

Lamin Camara

Lamin Camara

Permanent Secretary
Rohie Bittaye

Rohie Bittaye

Permanent Secretary

Oil Marketing Companies